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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Here’s how to sell on Facebook Marketplace as a small business. Facebook users may sell unwanted stuff at garage sales and make money. However, small businesses selling on Facebook Marketplace should know a few things.

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to sell on Facebook Marketplace and maximize its power. Jump in!

How Does Facebook Marketplace Benefit Businesses?

Facebook Marketplace attracts companies of all sizes with its many services. Facebook Marketplace offers five business benefits.

  • Huge reach. Businesses may reach over 2 billion Facebook users. It would be difficult and expensive to attract the same traffic to your website.
    It’s simple. Buyers and sellers can explore Facebook Marketplace easily. Buyers may quickly find listings and set them up.
    Precision advertising. Facebook Marketplace lets companies precisely target advertisements, which can boost sales. Listings can target demographics, interests, and places.
  • Lower fees. Businesses will keep more revenues in 2022 because Facebook Marketplace won’t charge seller fees on shipping products. Shipments incur 5% seller costs. You’ll pay $0.40 for shipments under $8.

Credibility and trust. Potential buyers trust Facebook Marketplace since it is run by a big corporation. Small companies without an internet presence need this.

Facebook Marketplace, like eBay and Craigslist, lets you sell anything. Look through your house, garage, or attic for valuable items to sell on Facebook.

Old furniture, gadgets, video games, kitchen appliances, books—anything! Check out local sellers on the Marketplace.

Note other vendors’ product descriptions and images. As a potential customer, what was helpful and what might be improved? Did the vendor give product specs and well-lit, multi-angle photos? Use your observations to build listings.

Do product research before selling on Facebook Marketplace to ensure profitability. This is essential for Facebook-based ecommerce merchants.

Product research relies on data, including how many units of a product sell over time and at what price and how many other suppliers are vying for the same niche market.

After searching, you may sort by “Sold” on Facebook Marketplace, although sales data is scarce.

This clarifies comparable sales. Search Facebook Marketplace for “couch” to resell couches. After searching, more criteria, including “availability,” appear on the left. Pick “Sold.”

We have little data on what sells on Facebook Marketplace because it generally offers one-off things locally. We don’t have to estimate what will sell—we can just look at eBay and Amazon.

Several online business solutions simplify profitability estimation. Jungle Scout is one. Product Database and Keyword Scout analyze Amazon sales data to find profitable prospects in a few clicks. The product research tools for Amazon may be used for Facebook Marketplace.

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