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Emily’s life as a mother is exciting, rewarding, and full of love. Driving her children to and from school, coaching their sports teams, and attending their recitals and concerts fills her days with the happy chaos of parenting. Emily finds time for everything from reading and writing to hiking and yoga while being a full-time mom.

Before raising a family, Emily was a successful marketing executive for numerous local companies. She then got into teaching before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she often handles the family’s schedule, finances, and other issues, so her business and marketing training has come in handy. Emily actively seeks opportunities to give back to the community that has provided so much for her family, including volunteering at her children’s school and participating in local charity activities.

Emily and her family have visited several countries, and the experience has made her a global traveler. She plans to organize many more trips in the future since she thinks traveling is crucial for development and family unity. Along the way, she has learned some fun, helpful life hacks. With the help of her kids, she is giving back by blogging for the first time.

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